Interface iEventHandler

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csEventHandler, CTutorial2, CTutorial3, CTutorial4

public interface iEventHandler
extends iJPointer

This interface describes an entity that can receive events.

Java wrapper - Quentin Anciaux, c++ version -

Method Summary
 boolean handleEvent(iEvent event)
          This is the basic event handling function.

Method Detail


public boolean handleEvent(iEvent event)
This is the basic event handling function. To receive events, a component must implement iEventHandler and register with an event queue using iEventQueue::RegisterListener(). The event handler should return true if the event was handled. Returning true prevents the event from being passed along to other event handlers. If the event was not handled, then false should be returned, in which case other event handlers are given a shot at the event. Note that broadcast events are sent to all handlers which are interested in them regardless of the return value of this method. NOTE: Do _not_ return true unless you really handled the event and want event dispatch to stop at your handler. Implemented in csEngine::EventHandler, csBaseEventHandler, csKeyboardDriver::eiEventHandler, csMouseDriver::eiEventHandler, csJoystickDriver::eiEventHandler, csApp::csAppPlugin::eiEventHandler, csMovieRecorder::EventHandler, and csPGInputHandler.

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