Interface iDataBuffer

All Superinterfaces:
iBase, iPointer
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public interface iDataBuffer
extends iBase

The iDataBuffer interface can be used to exchange buffers with abstract data between plugins. The object does not care about the contents of the buffer; it just can perform several simple operations on them. The interface is designed to be light-weight, as an alternative to the heavy iString interface.

Java wrapper - Quentin Anciaux, c++ version -

Method Summary
 csNativeByteArray getData()
          Get the buffer as an abstract pointer.
 int getSize()
          Query the buffer size.
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decRef, getName, getRefCount, getVersion, incRef, queryInterface, queryInterfaceSafe
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changePointer, getPointer, isMemoryOwner, setMemoryOwner

Method Detail


public csNativeByteArray getData()
Get the buffer as an abstract pointer. Implemented in csDataBuffer. Referenced by csDataBuffer::csDataBuffer(), GetInt8(), GetUint8(), and operator *().


public int getSize()
Query the buffer size. Implemented in csDataBuffer. Referenced by csDataBuffer::csDataBuffer().