Class csKeyComposer

  extended bycrystalspace.jbind.impl.csNativeObject
      extended bycrystalspace.jbind.impl.csutil.scf.csBase
          extended bycrystalspace.jbind.impl.csutil.csinput.csKeyComposer
All Implemented Interfaces:
iBase, iKeyComposer, iPointer

public class csKeyComposer
extends csBase
implements iKeyComposer

Quentin Anciaux

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class crystalspace.jbind.impl.csNativeObject
ImplFactory, nPointer
Constructor Summary
csKeyComposer(iPointer nPointer)
Method Summary
static java.lang.Class getInterfaceClass()
static java.lang.String getInterfaceName()
static int getInterfaceVersion()
 java.lang.String getName()
          Return the name of the interface
 int getVersion()
          Return the version of the interface
 csNativeIntArray handleKey(csKeyEventData keyEventData, csNativeIntArray buf)
          Handle keyboard input.
static void initSCF()
protected  boolean isNativePointerValidSafe(long pointer)
 void resetState()
          Reset the composer's internal state.
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Constructor Detail


public csKeyComposer(iPointer nPointer)
nPointer -
Method Detail


public int getVersion()
Description copied from interface: iBase
Return the version of the interface

Specified by:
getVersion in interface iBase
Specified by:
getVersion in class csBase


public java.lang.String getName()
Description copied from interface: iBase
Return the name of the interface

Specified by:
getName in interface iBase
Specified by:
getName in class csBase


public static void initSCF()


public static int getInterfaceVersion()


public static java.lang.String getInterfaceName()


public static java.lang.Class getInterfaceClass()


protected boolean isNativePointerValidSafe(long pointer)
Specified by:
isNativePointerValidSafe in class csNativeObject


public csNativeIntArray handleKey(csKeyEventData keyEventData,
                                  csNativeIntArray buf)
Description copied from interface: iKeyComposer
Handle keyboard input. Converts the input to characters, if possible. If the key passed in is a dead key, it will be stored internally and affect the returned data of the subsequent keypress. Parameters: keyEventData Information from a keyboard event. buf Buffer to store the output in. Should be at least contain 2 characters (however, the method will work with smaller buffers as well.) bufChars Number of characters the output buffer is actually sized. return[1] returns the number of characters written to the outpuit buffer. return[0] The type of character(s) that has been written to the output buffer.

Specified by:
handleKey in interface iKeyComposer
keyEventData -
buf -
See Also:
crystalspace.jbind.interfaces.iutil.csinput.iKeyComposer#handleKey(crystalspace.jbind.impl.csutil.event.csKeyEventData, int[], int)


public void resetState()
Description copied from interface: iKeyComposer
Reset the composer's internal state. Specifically, it will clear any stored dead key - the next key won't be combined with it.

Specified by:
resetState in interface iKeyComposer
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